William Larue Weller (2016 Release)

If you like your bourbon turned up to eleven then look no further!

William Larue Weller has been heavily decorated over the years by Jim Murray's annual Whisky Bible and not without good cause.

The use of wheat in the mashbill gives William Larue Weller a blistering sweetness that somehow harmonises with almost 70% alcohol. Eye watering stuff. 

Being made at Buffalo Trace from a wheated recipe has spawned rumours that it's made from the same recipe as Pappy Van Winkle, hence its wild, cult-ish popularity amongst bourbon geeks.

This is often advertised in the Buffalo Trace literature as a barrel strength 12 year old, although it isn't stated on the label.

Originally released in 2016.

Bottle size: 75cl

Alcohol: 67.7%

Shipped weight: 2kg

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