Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut (2011 Release)

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Nearly every year since 2010 the team at Black Forest Distillers have released a limited edition Monkey 47 labelled as the Distiller’s Cut - also known colloquially as 'Monkey 48'. 

The idea behind it is simple but effective - to select and add one additional ingredient each year to their existing recipe of 47 botanicals.

Over the years its popularity has grown among fans and collectors, to the point that it is now sold by a lottery system in Europe.

Often, but not always, the 48th ingredient - or 'species rara' - is sourced from the Black Forest in Germany where the distillery itself is located.

This year they have chosen Piper borbonense 'Voatsiperifery pepper'.

Bottle size: 50cl

Alcohol: 47%

Shipped weight: 4kg

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