1968 Balvenie 46 Year Old DCS Chapter 1

Notes from the producer:
Nose: Malt and oak mingle with brown sugar, vanilla, toffee, candied orange, cinnamon and ginger.
Taste: Velvety, with blossom honey, oak vanilla, a touch of citrus and low key spiciness.
Finish: Gentle, lingering waves of vanilla and oak spices.

A limited edition of 68 bottles originally released in 2015 to celebrate the life's work of David C Stewart at Balvenie, which he joined in 1962.

As 50 bottles went into the Compendium sets, there are only 18 standalone bottles like this making it one of the most collectable bottles of Balvenie ever released.

Bottle size: 70cl

Alcohol: 45.9%

Shipped weight: 10kg

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