1966 Balvenie Vintage Cask (bottled 1998)

A classic single cask Balvenie that was distilled in the swinging 60's. Historically, this was just as Single Malt Scotch Whisky was gaining the recognition it deserved outside of Scotland, having been first exported to England in 1963.

Presented with beautifully handwritten calligraphy details on both the bottle and tube. This limited edition was authorised and signed by David Stewart, the master blender of Balvenie. He joined the company in 1962 as an apprentice and was appointed Malt Master of William Grant & Sons (who also own Glenfiddich) in 1974. He is still in charge to this day.

Good on you, Mr Stewart. We'll be sad to see this one go when it does.

Originally released in or around 1998.

Bottle no. 33 of 264

Bottle size: 70cl

Alcohol 42.1%

Shipped weight: 4kg

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