1963 Bowmore 30th Anniversary (bottled 1993)

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From the producer:
The 17th of July 1963 was to prove an eventful day in the fortunes of Stanley P. Morrison, a pre-eminent Scotch whisky broker with a lifetime experience of the trade going back to the 1920's.

Lunching that day in Glasgow's foremost restaurant, the Malmaison, he happened to overhear a conversation between two lawyers discussing the sale of Sherriffs's Bowmore Distillery to an overseas group. Excusing himself from his dining companions, he phoned the Proprietrix, Kay Grigor, to enquire if the distillery was indeed for sale. On affirmation he persuaded her that it would be best for all concerned if she were to sell the distillery to him. This she readily agreed to.

Over dinner that evening they reached agreement and the distillery was sold to Stanley P. Morrison Ltd at a price of £63,000. Although the signing and transfer of title deeds did not take place until 7th December 1963, production had already commenced in the Autumn and to this day Bowmore is the only family controlled distillery on the Island of Islay.

A limited edition of 600 bottles originally released in 1993. The distillery was sold in 1994 to Suntory of Japan (producer of Yamazaki) and is now part of the Beam Suntory group which is one of the world's largest spirits producers, if not the largest.

If you are thinking of purchasing this bottle please read below:
We present this bottle in fantastic condition for its age. Customers should note that wax seals on older bottles like this are notoriously fragile as they become brittle with age and the glue under the stamp starts to lose its stick. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure this bottle is packed safely, including parafilm around the capsule, but please understand no refunds will be issued for cosmetic imperfections of the wax where the enjoyment of the whisky itself is unaffected.

Score: 94WF

Bottle size: 70cl

Alcohol: 50%

Shipped weight: 4kg

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